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Installing and Grouting


The materials included in the "Singlefired Red Body" and "Bico rapida" series must be installed using light adhesive.
The joints must be grouted in the day after the floor tiles have been installed with the correspondent adhesive.

The joints must be then perfectly cleaned and levelled.
The joints can be grouted with the prepacked cement based or epoxy based grouts.
The joints must be grouted using the special rubber grout floats, cleaning off the exceeding grout  from the tile surface.

The Manufacturer cannot be responsible for possible damages as a conseguence of wrong adhesive or grouting materials use.

We suggest the use of special sealing grouts in order to avoid indirect water absorbtion for tiles installed in some areas of the home (such as showers).
These sealants must be "Bi-components" and have to ensure following characteristics:

  • easiness to be cleaned (compared to the usual cement based seals);
  • uniform and stable coloration on all different kinds of tiles;
  • high machanical resistance;
  • extremely low water absorbtion - better if water repellent;
  • must guarantee absence of cracks or splinters after hardening;
  • high chemical resistance to basic acids or stains.

The Manufacturer cannot be responsible for any kind of damage from installing and grouting the ceramic material with wrong and/or inappropriate adhesives or without the best working standards or with  different characteristics from the above specified.