45×45 - 18”×18”
8×45 - 3"×18"

Matt Floor

45×45 cm – 8.5 mm
8×45 cm – 8.3 mm

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Fine digital porcelain stoneware
The glazed porcelain stoneware improved in the definition of graphic details thanks to HD digital technology.

Fullbody colored porcelain stoneware
Colored body glazed porcelain stoneware is a colored product in the body of the tile, further enriched by glazing applications on the surface.

Porcelain tile
The production process of porcelain starts with mixing fine raw materials (clays, sands, feldspars, kaolins) to go to the creation of a liquid compound commonly named as “slip”. This compound is finely atomized until it reaches a fine and homogeneous particle size powder, usually called “mixture”, suitable for pressing.
After the formation of the tile, by pressing the mixture, the subsequent firing at temperatures above 1,250 ° C allows the result, “tile”, to get characteristics of exceptional hardness, strength, compactness, nonabsorbency and therefore also of frost resistance which in fact distinguish the tile.
Ceramica Opera Group srl produces fine porcelain tile products belonging to the BIa grouping, defined by UNI EN ISO standards as the one with the best technical characteristics (absorption> 0.1%, breaking strenght > 1,300 Newton, maximum regularity and dimensional constancy etc.).
Fine Porcelain Stoneware UNI EN 14411 (ISO 13006) Bla (appendix G)

Matt FloorISO 10545-12 Frost proofISO 10545-13 Chemical resistanceDIN51130 Slip resistance R10ISO 10545-7 Abrasion resistance PEI 3ISO 10545-7 Abrasion resistance PEI 4

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