20×50 - 8”×19”

Matt Wall Tiling

20×50 cm – 7 mm

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Double firing
Double firing uses clays from local owned quarries and chamotte, dryground, mixed and pressed with hydraulic presses. The firing of the support is performed in quick cycle with roller ovens at a temperature of about 1100°. After the glazing of the biscuit the glaze is fired in single layer roller ovens at about 1030°. The resulting facing materials with a water absorption higher than 10%, classified as BIII according to standard UNI EN 14411. These types of tiles have practically no shrinkage during firing, and this dimensional consistency results in a very easy.
DOUBLE FIRING UNI EN 14411 (ISO 13006) BIII (Appendix L)

Matt Wall TilingISO 10545-13 Chemical resistance

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