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Culture of matter means thinking of the environment as the context of all our actions: from the choice of materials, to production, to the life cycle of the product after sale, to disposal and recycling

Sustainable growth for ecological tile production | Energy saving and recycling to grow responsibly Opera Group srl has always believed in the possibility of doing business while respecting ethical values, people and the environment.
A cutting-edge company must in fact think Green and act responsibly, minimizing its environmental impact, creating tiles in an ecological and sustainable way and helping the consumer to make informed purchasing choices.
To improve the sustainability of its production processes, Opera Group srl invests in new cutting-edge technologies and pays maximum attention to recycling and energy saving.
The creation of an Environmental Management System represents an important step, a voluntary assumption of responsibility to translate one’s Green Mission into concrete and tangible actions. Attentive to the environmental issue, Opera Group srl has decided to face this new challenge and has defined, in a clear and transparent way, its environmental values and objectives, engaging in constant monitoring and improvement of its operating processes.

AIA Integrated Environmental Authorization

IPPC Integrated Pollution Prevention
Integrated pollution control and prevention. This approach was introduced with Directive 96/61 / EC of 24 November 1996, also called the “IPPC Directive”

Raw and cooked industrial waste recovered
Raw waste is reused for the preparation of new doughs. The cooked waste is instead entrusted to third-party companies for use as road foundations or railway embankments.

Of recyclable packaging
To respect the environment and safeguard forests, Opera Group srl carries out the separate collection of 98% of its waste and uses only recyclable packaging, pallets compliant with FAO ISPM 15 standards and FSC certified paper.
The waste of paper and cardboard packaging (cer 150101) and shrink plastic (cer 150102) which are disposed of through authorized companies, are sent to recovery and recycling operations so that they can be transformed and recycled.

Opera group srl has a process water circuit, which is purified and reused in the production process itself, we deliver the industrial water externally after it has been reused internally. These are recycled in further production processes.

Constant investment in research and development allows us to optimize the energy needs of our production lines.
The THERMAL ENERGY used in the process is generally obtained by combustion of natural gas, the oxidation of which produces carbon dioxide emissions. Drying and cooking can be considered the main culprits of CO2 emissions.

CO2 Emission
Our company today focuses mainly on reducing CO2 emissions during the production phases. an environmentally friendly product throughout its life cycle, starting from the extraction of raw materials, drying, cooking through production and distribution, up to disposal.
THE NATURAL RESOURCES used are sand, feldspar and clay. More than 50% of these materials come from foreign countries, 35% traveling by road, 51% by sea and 14% by rail. [gCO2 / Km]




Wet cutting or the etching and splitting method is recommended in laying operations. Avoid dry cutting with motorized tools during installation operations. Improper installation techniques can expose the installer to harmful dust